Sessions and scopes




Authors are invited to select one of the following sessions while submitting papers


Submissions may treat various scopes such as:

  • Materials and technologies

  • Modeling and simulation

  • Resource assessment and forecasts

  • Optimization

  • System sizing

  • Instrumentation and Control

  • Smart metering

  • Energy efficiency

  • Economics

  • Sustainability, policies and regulations



  Energy Storage, Management and Transmission




  Hydrogen, Biomass and Other Sources




  Smart Grid, Micro-grid and Sustainable Development




  Solar Energy : Thermal, Photovoltaic and PV/T




  Wind Energy and Offshore systems



Publication in partner journals

Production, Storage and Valorisation of Hhydrogen Energy (PSVHE)

Energy accessed through Hydrogen can be considered as a great and readily available source with a great efficiency with no emissions when used in fuel cells or in internal combustion engines to generate power, no green house effect, non-toxic, can be produced from renewable resources, etc. Various applications based on different aspects of energy through Hydrogen such as production, valorization and storage are the main objectives.
Organized by: Prof. Abdeslam-Hassen Meniai

 Smart Sustainable Green Cities: Requirements, Development and Realization Challenges (SSGC)

Authors addressing advancement in :
*/ energy optimization and management for implementing zero-net energy buildings and facilities to achieve energy demand reduction.
*/ renewable energy distribution and management to improve efficiencies of premises energy system.
*/ smart grids and infrastructures to enable sustainable green energy systems
are encouraged to submit their original papers to this special issue.

 Organized by: Dr. Ahmad Atieh
Coordinated by: Dr. Fariborz Haghighat  

Wind as a Source of Energy (WSE)

The session  accepts research papers on rotors and blades aerodynamics; machine subsystems and components design; power generation control and transmission; wind potential estimation and evaluation, wind speed measurement and recording.
Extended versions of selected papers will be published in WEJ. 
Organized byDr. Mohamed Kesraoui 
Coordinated by: Prof. Jon McGowan

Optimization of Renewable Energy Resources (ORER)

Papers should formulate studies and implementations that improve the use of renewable energy resources. Optimization may be technological or control based. Although the papers can deal with any renewable energy sources, contributions for photovoltaic systems are specially welcomed.
Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IJEOE.
Organized by: Prof. Mohamed FAISAL 

 Advances in Renewable Energy: Conversion And Application  (ARE-CA)

Papers should present advances in all topics of renewable energy: wind energy,solar thermal, photovoltaics, solar materials, conversion and management, etc. A strong emphasis on applications is required such as solar devices for home and industrial uses, solar heating and cooling systems, solar power systems and units, and agricultural uses of solar energy.
Organized by: Prof. Ahmad Harb

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